10 Essential Items you ALWAYS Forget When Traveling

10 Essential Items you ALWAYS Forget When Traveling


Write this down so you can revisit this any time you’re planning on traveling! We’ve got a list of the essentials that may slip your mind when leaving out of town!

1.) Noise Cancelling Earbuds  – For those long hours spent on the road or in the air!

2.) These Microfiber Towels are perfect while traveling, super handy in many situations!

3.) This Fanny Pack/Money Belt  is great when walking around the city or going on hikes, easily store your essential items with no problem.

4.) Everlasting Comfort Package – This bundle is great for those long hour flights, comes complete with neck pillow, ear plugs, & a sleeping mask!

5.) TSA Approved Suitcase Lock – This one is self-explanatory! Keep your items safe with a TSA Approved lock for your suitcase and carry on bags.

6.) A Portable Phone Charger is a great item when traveling, especially if you’re hiking or in a situation with no electricity for an extended period of time. Make sure it is fully charged before your adventure!

7.) Insulated Water Bottles – a MUST HAVE item when traveling, these will stay cool throughout the day no matter how hot or warm no matter how cold!

8.) Comfortable Walking/Running Shoes A no brainer! Keep at least one pair with you while traveling! And even get some insoles if you need them!

9.) A Quality Pair of Sunglasses ESPECIALLY during the summer, is a great idea. Protect your eyes and look fashionable!

10.) Last but not least! An Umbrella is a key item when traveling, the weather can be very unpredictable and forecasters never know what they are talking about! Better safe than sorry right?


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