The Top 5 Places You Should Dune Buggy

The Top 5 Places You Should Dune Buggy

For a Honcho, there are many amazing places that you must go see. Among those places to visit, some of the greatest destinations have dessert landscapes. Why might go to dessert areas? Riding on Sand Dunes of course! Here we go over our top 5 places you should dune buggy!

1) Dubai – Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi

Dubai is the mecca for sand dunes, Liwa Oasis in Dubai is one of the most sought after locations for sand dune riding, it is one of the largest areas covered in sand on the entire planet.

2) Glamis Sand Dunes, California

The Glamis Sand Dunes, are located in Southern California.

Glamis is the best place for sand dune riding in the United States. There’s tons of space to ride and there is a good mixture of hills and bowls in the area. Since this is one of the most popular spots for sand dune riding expect there to be large crowds. Our suggestion is to go abroad before you try at Glamis.

Badain Jaran Desert Dunes

3) China – Badain Jaran Desert Dunes in Inner Mongolia

The Badain Jaran Desert has the tallest dunes on the planet! Some are as tall as 1600 ft! The spring-fed lakes that sometimes run between the dunes, make the Badain Jaran Desert such a unique attraction. It was given the name “mysterious lakes” because said 100 spring-fed lakes.

Our recommendation if you’re looking for a day full of adventure abroad in China, it definitely secures a spot on our list of top places you should dune buggy!


4) Australia – Simpson Desert Dunes

The Australian sand dunes cover an astounding 65,000 square-mile area with dunes as tall as 130 ft. They are perfect for cruising! But beware, this area reaches extreme temperatures during the summer months and are usually closed off for safety reason. If you are planning to ride the dunes in Australia, come during the spring or fall months when the weather is more bearable.

5) Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama Desert in Chile tops out at one of the best places to ride sand dunes because of its weather and the locals. IT DOES NOT RAIN HERE! Which makes it a perfect place to ride all of the time! You can ride buggy’s, sand board, ride quad bikes! What makes it even more fun is the locals enthusiasm for tourists and vacationers! A lock for one of the top places you should ride dune buggy!


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