The Best Tips on Air BnB Abroad

The Best Tips on Air BnB Abroad

Airbnb offers numerous amazing rooms available at an affordable cost all over the world and it provides more amenities and privacy than being in a hostile. Moreover, Airbnb directly connects travelers with hosts providing a place to stay and making life easy for travelers by providing homely rooms, private apartments, and even the likes of castles and villas. Here’s are some tips on using Airbnb abroad


Location is an important aspect when checking for each Airbnb location. Locate an area that is central to where you want to visit so that site seeing and walking around the city can be much easier. This is very necessary for Europe where walking will be your main type of personal transportation. Also, try not to reside in locations where you will have to take a bus or taxi to your destination.

Carefully read reviews

It is very important to check the reviews before booking an Airbnb. People are always speaking the truth about their experiences and from the reviews, you know what to expect from the location. Reviews are essential because they provide a better understanding of the location, layout and general experience with the Airbnb.

It’s also essential to read the rules so as to discover any hidden fees or extra charges. This can help to save you some cash. For instance, if you book an Airbnb with a late check-in fee, your flight might arrive late, causing you to spend extra cash.  


If you are a frequent traveler, you will realize that some destinations will have a lack of cell phone service. Try to communicate with your Airbnb host beforehand in order to let them know your time of arrival and if there are any delays. It’s important to use an airport or cafe WiFi to transmit your arrivals and departures to your host.

Host endorsement

Host recommendations are very essential when it comes to looking into Airbnb. Carefully read reviews and analyze the hosts travel guides. Hosts who have experience in exploring their city and its resources tend to provide you with the best experience. Airbnb hosts will show you the best places to eat, drink and explore. It really enhances your experience when hosts offer travel guides and custom recommendation.


It’s important to understand which amenities are best for you and try to get them. It’s very disappointing when you visit a room with no A/C in the middle of a hot summer. Make sure you understand the amenities available before you book. The easiest way to look for amenities is by adjusting your filter to only include places with certain amenities.

Kitchen Quality

If you are a culinary genius, you really want to save money on food by finding a place with a kitchen so you can cook a few meals during your stay and save some snacks to avoid going to the restaurant. Most Airbnb will have kitchens, it all depends on your budget. Making use of your kitchen will enhance your flexibility throughout your travels.

Prepare your mind

It’s important to have an open mind when traveling. This is because the forces of nature might ruin your plans. Look for a place which is good enough to feel comfortable and safe because most of your time will be spent exploring the cities you are visiting. When you reach your Airbnb, you won’t have the chance to switch rooms or room service.

Search for photos with a watermark

When looking for a place to stay, make sure you check the photos to see how clean the walls and the floors might look. Make sure you check for a triangular “A” watermark in the top right-hand corner of a photo before booking. A triangular “A” watermark means it was taken by professional Airbnb photographers brought in by the host and the watermark in the photo means that you see is what you’ll get.


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