20 Best Gift Ideas for Men: Gifts for Him Holidays 2018

20 Best Gift Ideas for Men: Gifts for Him Holidays 2018

Are you struggling with finding a good gift for your brother, boyfriend, or husband? Here are 20 gift ideas for him this holiday season in 2018.

1. Beard Grooming Kit

Every man wants to look presentable, help him take care of his beard.

2. Minimalist Wallet/Cardholder

A cardholder is great for the man on the go. Quick and easy to carry the essentials.

3. Daily Journal Set

Daily Journals can increase productivity, and serve as a great reminder for to do lists throughout the day. The busy business man will enjoy this gift.

4. Wooden Phone Holding Station

Having a gift like the phone holder will help that one guy who is ALWAYS misplacing his items. It can hold your wallet, phone, and keys. Very practical gift.

5. Tactical Pen

A tactical pen can be a very useful, it is extremely durable and lasts a long time.

6. Skull Cap, Gloves, Scarf Set

One of the safest options on this list. A gift set that can work for anyone. Help the man in your life stay warm this winter.

7. Nail Grooming Kit

Nail maintenance is important for a man to have good hygiene and be well kept. Another very safe option.

8. Handkerchief Set

Nice gift for the classy man who wears suits often, he will appreciate a set!

9. Pocket Knife

Pocket Knives are a handy and durable gift for him. These have a ton of uses.

10. Bonsai Tree Kit

Having a new plant around the house is always refreshing. Help him create a better environment in his office at home or at work. A bonsai tree is perfect for that.

11. Free Weight Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a great gift to help the honcho man in your life stay motivated and fit. You can add or subtract weight from each for different a level of workouts.

12. Scented Candle

You can never go wrong with a scented candle. It’s a nice gift that can be used in any room.

13. Men’s Cologne

No brainer right here! Just make sure that you get quality smell, don’t let that Honcho Man walk around smelling like a skunk!

14. Travel Toiletry Bag

Travel bags are good as a gift, when traveling men need something sturdy to keep their toiletries.

15 Moccasin Slippers

House shoes are always a great gift, help keep his feet warm with these!

16. House Robe

Another gift that will make any Honcho Man happy; keep him warm and cozy around the house!

17 New Socks

A man can always use fresh pairs of socks!

18. Funny Quote Coffee Mug

What is a better way to enjoy your early morning cup of joe, than with a laugh?

19. Hair Trimmer Set

Hair trimmers are good for the men who like to do things on their own! Also good for a man who wants to have a little more of a clean shaven look daily.

20. Apple Airpods

Finally on this list, apple airpods! These headphones are top of the line wireless bluetooth. They come in handy and charge easily in a case that allows you to keep up with them.


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