14 essential items for Men this Winter

14 essential items for Men this Winter

We have put together a list of the TOP 14 essential items for men this winter that you will absolutely NEED to make it all the way to spring! Check out our list below!


A nice pair of quality boots can go a long way during the winter, make sure you get a durable pair to weather the wintery months!


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Scarves are good additions to a wardrobe, definitely will help keep you warm in cold weather!


Hoodies are helpful when layering, add them to a street casual outfit and you’re golden!


These are staple piece in the winter! Keep warm and stay classy.

Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa has been a hot style lately and the material is definitely made to keep warm. Sherpa under leather, corduroy, and denim all work! Choose what goes with your personal style.


Mittens are another accessory that can make your winter a lot easier especially if you live in a colder climate. Get yourself a pair!

Black Pants

Black chinos and denim or any darker colored pants work well in the winter time. Furthermore, they add to your style in general, dark colors work in the winter.


We think a quality luggage set will do you well in the winter because of the Holiday Season and travel. Having nice luggage can go a long way especially if you travel frequently.

Carrying Bag/Duffel Bag

Again like having good luggage, a quality duffel bag is good to have as well. It makes you look like you know where your going and gives off a “boss” vibe.

Skull Cap

Skull caps are great for winter, keep your head warm and they work well with casual and smart casual outfits.

Regular Dad Cap

Dad caps are a hot item and have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Throw one of these one with an over coat, dark denim, and a pair of low-top sneakers and you have a nice casual dressed down fit.

Outerwear Bubble Vest

The bubble vest works well with a more rugged look. Keeps you warm and is a great piece when layering.


Another popular item as of late, this look is really good for the modern/smart casual dresser. It’s a staple for layering as well, over-shirts give you a ton a options.


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