6 Timeless Pants Styles for Men

6 Timeless Pants Styles for Men

6 Timeless Pants Styles for Men

Having quality pairs of pants is essential for any wardrobe! There a a few styles that can increase your overall appeal and there are some that can do quite the opposite..

Today we give you timeless pants styles for men in 2018 and beyond! Our recommendation is that you buy QUALITY pants that last you a couple of years. It’s better to have something that will last you multiple seasons than buying something new and trendy each season! With this method you save money and can still look great year round. Check out our list below!

1. Solid Black Jeans

We have found some solid black color jeans from Zara. Black jeans are a must in your wardrobe and if you take care of them, can last you a long time!

Image 1 of PREMIUM STRETCH JEANS from Zara

Find them here

2. Dark Wash Jeans

Much Like having quality pair of black pants, dark wash jeans are an essential timeless piece to have in your wardrobe. Extremely versatile and reliable addition to your closet that you can throw on any day.

Slim-fit dark wash Patrick jeans

Find these here

3. Dark Suit Pants

Suit pants are a no brainer! Obviously you want them to be paired with a matching blazer as well. The utility speaks for itself.

Super-slim suit pants

Find these here

4. Banana Republic Traveler Chinos

These form fitting chinos are great for any occasion. One of our favorites on this list. Dress them casual or dress them up, the travelers definitely deserve a top spot on this list.


Find them Here

5. Tan Khaki Pant

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of khaki pants. Good with casual outfits and summer work outings.

Find these here

6. Tweed pants

This style is a bonus, they have a classy old school look that works when you want to dress up on certain occasions!

Find these here


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