25 Skills Every Man Should Learn

25 Skills Every Man Should Learn

The Honcho Man hones many skills throughout his lifetime. He’s cunning, quick-witted, adapts to his surroundings, strong. These are but a few qualities he possesses. It’s also important that he have a great set of skills to prepare him for many different aspects of his life. Here we have a list of 25 skills every man should learn.

1. Money Management

2. Maintain a Household

3. Drive Stick Shift

4. Basic Car Maintenance

5. Basic Household Repairs

6. Parallel Park

7. Change Oil for Car

8. CPR/First Aid

9. Ironing Clothes

10. Cook a Meal

11. Tie a Tie

12. Handle Conflict

13. Speak Publicly

14. Give a Presentation

15. Work in Group Settings

16. Interact with Children

17. Workout/Stay in Shape

18. Take Women on a Date

19. Maintain Healthy Relationships

20. Use Grill/Make Bbq

21. Plan a Trip

22. Navigate Foreign Places/Hike

23. Gardening

24. Play Chess

25. Play golf


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