5 Items GUYS need to stop Wearing!

In today’s article we will talk about five items guys new to stop wearing to help increase their style! And by this we mean stop doing it yesterday, these are some big men’s fashion no no’s! Disclaimer: there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rules here. We simply are concerned about the average guy who wants to keep it simple and clean. The guy who isn’t concerned about high fashion and super trendy clothing!

Below is out top 5 items that men need to stop wearing immediately if they want to help increase their overall style!

1. Wife Beaters

Aside from them being called “wife beaters” these undershirts are a thing of the past. In the 2000s they were a cool top to wear on the outside, but in the present day we should be putting these to rest! Also they usually are a very visible undershirt. We recommend that IF you are to wear an undershirt to stick with plain white tees.

2. BULKY watches

Bulky watches are a big NO. Watches are supposed to be a classy well kept piece that you add as an accessory to your wardrobe. Keep your watches minimal and clean! There is no need for an extra bulky big face watch, you can still create a statement look with a watch that has a clean and crisp design! If you need help finding a nice watch Click Here for classic and minimal designs!

3. Ill-fitting T-shirts

This is a no brainer! Your t-shirts should be form fitting and look good on you. Do not go out and buy big loose tees, unless this is your main style and you are going for those high fashion here today gone tomorrow trend looks. Keep with simple with solid neutral color tees and you will on your way to looking and feeling good!

4. SUPER skinny jeans

Skinny or slim fitting pants are perfectly fine! However, we should not be able to see your manhood because the pants are so tight! You want to be comfortable and stylish. Make sure you have room to comfortably move in your jeans as well as look good in them. Gentlemen put the baby clothes away, and make sure you wear what fits!

5. Spiky 2000s hairstyles

Last but not least, is spiky hairstyles! We know this may be a cliche on the list BUT there are still men out there who think this hairdo is a good look, trust us. IT IS NOT A GOOD LOOK. Please level this hairdo behind with the boy bands! Decent hairstyles that will never go out of style are, the even Caesar cut, bald fade, and taper fade. Stick to the classic and proven styles and you are bound to look good! Another tip on hairstyles, make sure you understand the shape of your head and what kind of style works well with that shape!


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