Top 7 Essentials for a Man’s Bedroom

Today we will be discussing our living situations, what makes it look and feel good overall. As men we want to keep your living situation clean and tidy, especially if we ever plan on having company over. This list of the top 7 essentials for a man’s bedroom and how you can make you humble abode stylish and sleek.

Wall Art

Having wall art in your room is a must because it has the ability to give you an extra talking point when someone visits your room. Use it to help tell stories about your personality or any conversation in general.

Wall Art

Work Space

The number one benefit to having your own work space in your room is being able to do work while sitting up. We ALL have been in the situation where we are doing work on our bed and end up falling asleep because we get too comfortable. Having a minimalist clean desk is a good piece to have in your room

Computer Desk

Speaker System/Portable Speaker

A bluetooth speaker or speaker system in your room can prove to be useful in many different situations when you have company in your room. *wink wink* But in all seriousness it’s useful to have, music helps when you’re doing work, it also helps when you want to vibe out at home alone.

EDC Tray

An EDC tray is great mainly because most guys always do the “phone, wallet, keys, etc” check when they are about leave somewhere. Having one of these in your room eliminates any doubt, allowing you to place all of your essential going out items in one spot.

EDC Tray

Plant Decorations

Other than actually providing you with some health benefits like (some plants) that keep your air cleaner, having plants as a decoration gives you a little better feng shui. Overall a plant can looks good as an add on to other decorations.

Large Soft Rug

A rug proves to be great especially when you live in a loft or a house that has hard wood floors. Keep your feet comfortable when walking about your room and add a little style while you’re at it! Usually a rug like this will cover a large portion of your room, and make sure you get a quality one, no rinky dink discount rug that will need to be replaced in less than a year.



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