15 Grey Suit Styles for Men

15 Grey Suit Styles for Men
Grey suits are a classic for any man to wear. Clean and very versatile through each season of the year.
The dapper grey suit look can poise for a more retro style as well as a modern feel if you choose to go that route. Either way a man needs grey suit styles in his closet, it is a must have.
Your suit must always be properly tailored. Whenever you buy a suit, get it tailored, no questions asked. Having a well fit suit makes your style stand out. It gives the impression that you can be taken seriously by your peers.
Make sure to keep your accessories to a minimum with a grey suit, don’t over do it. A nice classic watch and a neutral color tie will do you just fine when wearing a grey suit. Another thing is to make sure that your belt and shoes match, when wearing a grey suit. The easiest combination is to go with brown belt and shoes. However, using black can be effective but it makes your overall fit a little more cut and dry. The brown will give you a little more style with your grey suit. Check out the list below of these men who have mastered their grey suit styles, get some inspiration on how they create the combinations to fit the style.

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